2012/13 Season at the Prospect Snowboard Factory

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Prospect Snowboards 2012/13 Madison WI

Holy Shit…. It has been a ton of work getting this snowboard factory ready to press a large stack of boards for this season.  We’re building for a few brands and have already have some awesome projects (You many witness me testing out a snowbike this year). Already caught up in the race for new rad ideas to stay ahead of what the big guys offer, we have put our own twist on what makes a top performing board.  This is what going down…

New Shapes

We still have last years mid-wide park boards with a steep sidecut.  This solution made a lazy turning wide board into a gnarly carving, no toe drag, freakshow of awesome.

New Dual Camber-Rocker Design is our latest development.  Camber between the feet, rocker outside.  We think this is the best combination because it adds a pressure point at the bindings during turns for better grip in icy conditions.  This camber gives the board power and stability for high performance riding while the rocker offers powder flotation and a platform on the tip and tail that is great for rail jibs and flatland butters.

This year we added in shapes for the aggressive freestyle rider. These new shapes have a tighter turn radius that will stop spins on a dime. Also a thinner core profile that lets us reinforce with more assertive carbon fiber rather than heavy wood. The result is a lighter board for all around performance in the park and backcountry.


Dual Camber CamRock - The best of both words


We are working with snowboard racing coaches in the area for our first GS/Boardercross/All mountain Alpine board.  These boards will be offered in 2 sizes to start.

GS Boarder Cross All Mountaint Alpine Board

New Materials

Urethane Sidewalls – Think rubber, like the eraser on your pencil.  Flexible, bash proof, and chewy. That’s our sidewalls. We actually we made them a little harder for abrasion resistance. This adds in smoother turns with less chatter and sticks to the other materials better than the clingiest girlfriend, so no delamination.

Faster bases – Iso 7200 sintered – Its Austrian.  These bases are some of the fastest and toughest bases available.  This grade of base is usually used for racing, we put this into all of our boards.

New Graphics

We’ve simplified our line of graphics.  I’ll fully disclose, I Neil Henderson, am no Salvador Dali. For this year I’ve posted a modification to a graphic favorite i didn’t get to press last year, simply called the “Team Graphic” Inspired by hot rod culture, the colors are simple, a few pin stripes create the board feel.

This plan this year is to utilize some up and coming artists that have spent a ton of time into creating a high quality snowboard artwork for us.  We’ll be posting these as special edition works with limited availability through the season.

Team Men

Team Ladies

We hope you come see the factory this year when passing through town.  We’ll be happy to give you a quick tour and you can get a factory tune on the way up to the hill. Cheers!