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Hey All,
Neil, Founder of Prospect here. As you may or may not have heard, Prospect made a huge move relocating our entire factory from Madison, Wisconsin to our new home in Roseville/Rocklin, California. We found a great spot nestled right at the base of the foothills leading into the Tahoe National Forest. The move was accompanied by my beautiful girlfriend Jesse and our shop dog Bodhi.

The Sacramento/Roseville area is something amazing and Unique for Prospect. This is one of the only places in the world where it is warm enough to have cable parks like Wake Island Wake Park and Velocity Island Wake Park be open for an extended time during the year AND have world class skiing and snowboarding all within an hour drive in the Lake tahoe region. I can’t stress how unique this area really is! While I do miss Madison, the fact that this matches up with our products perfectly, it is also my dream playground.

The new factory is also stepping up our game. We think the diverse crowd traveling from San Fransisco has an eye for unique stuff. We’re going to dial in our artisan eye and produce some ultra-unique concepts that large companies quite honestly will never be able to produce. It took a long time and a lot of hard work, but Prospect is in an awesome position develop ideas that don’t exist in ski shops, at REI, or with online retailers.

The plan going forward is to continue to offer our skis, snowboards, and wakeboards directly to our fans with the exception of a few of our supportive friends at West Rock Wake Park and Valdosta Wake Compound where you will be able to purchase Prospect Gear.

We plan to open our shop to the Public on Shop Local Saturday. We welcome the public to not only see our skis and boards but to experience how we craft them. This is a totally unique experience. On November 25th, 2017 we will have our grand opening. Come see the factory, have a drink on us, and pick up fresh gear form Prospect!

The new shop is located at:

4300 Anthony ct Unit N

Rocklin, Ca 95677

Have a great winter all!

Neil Henderson –  Head of shred

Prospect Snowboards Moving HQ to Sacramento California

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In August, Prospect will be going through a huge phase shift by relocating the factory head quarters from Madison, Wisconsin to Sacramento, California.


In our development as a craft snowboard, wakeboard, and ski builder we have hit a placement that offers up a few options. We are making the move in part in our own reserve, but also to seek out other that carry the same mindset we do.  Sacramento and the surrounding area is unique geography in the fact that world class snow is close reach in tahoe, wakeboarding is a popular activity at the local cable parks, and surf can be enjoyed all in the same day. We also want to network with some big picture people that have ideas and need a factory like Prospect to make big things happen.


We have done a ton of work around developing relationships with new friends at Wake Island Watersports, Squaw Valley, and hope to find more friends in the snowboard, ski, and wakeboard scene. I can’t stress how important this support was in affirming the decision to move.


We will be moving away from, but not saying goodbye to some really great people here in the midwest. The list, too long to mention everyone, but I’ll say that we have come to know some people that we see as exceptional. We found selfless offerings of support that quite simply would make this small ski and board manufacturing shop impossible without such great people around us. Shops like Rich’s board sports where we started our humble root. Resorts like Devil’s head where I was able to work and publicize. The newest addiction, cable wakeboarding, we can’t thank the whole crew at West Rock Wake Park enough for the instant support when we debuted the wake line. The support of the local scene and riders is simply amazing and I’m beyond appreciative.


Now, as we get organized and “go live” with the new factory location over the next few months I want to keep relationships strong and introduce old friends to new friends. I want to offer a reason to make the extra jump over the rockies to see how great the west coast can be. (Did I mention that the Lake Tahoe area got over 700 inches of snow this last year?) I’m hoping to help cultivate the possibility of a great experience through travel and allow great people to meet great people.


I ask all that have seen Prospect grow over the past 8 years to keep in touch. Come visit to meet new people and find out why we chose California as our new playground.


More to come!

Cheers -Neil

Ski, Snowboard, Wakeboard press for sale

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Prospect Snowboard Press Snowboard Press Frame


We have something unique!
A professionally made press for making Skis, snowboards, Wakeboards, and skateboards. This is perfect for the enthusiast that wants to geek out into the art of building skis and boards, or it is perfect for someone that has had a dream to start their own brand. The sky is the limit here, what you can imagine, you can make.

This is a cavity press made from 17″ I beams. We built it from the ground up and have pressed thousands of boards/skis with this press. It is sturdy and will last likely forever.

For those who are awoken to the idea of building your own, there are a handful of enthusiasts around the world that do this in their garage. Some do it as a hobby, some as a small business. The good news, because people do this in their garage there is also a resource on how to build them. skibuilders(.)com has instructions and forums that will give you all the information you’ll ever need.

We are selling our press because we are moving. This is an extremely fun art and craft that will challenge you.

There are a few things to understand what does come with this press and what doesn’t come with this press.

The press itself, assembled with Casters so it can be moved around.
We will include the pneumatics (air line plumbing and air bag.
We can include a few CNC cut snowboard and Ski templates that we no long use
We will also 3 camber molds that will allow you to make a range of sizes that we no long use so getting to the point you are pressing will be as easy as possible, but there will be a bit of extra work and material

What is not included
-Complete mold tooling. You will have some to work with as mentioned above.
-Instructions on how to use this. You will want to read. However, I will include 5 hours of consulting which can be spent in our shop to see how we make everything..
-Materials to make boards/skis. I will offer resources on where to get them and can sell some as well to help get you started. These resources are friendly and easy to order low quantity.

Not included but you might consider adding but isn’t required right away.
-Electrical heat. Again, we can offer resources. In time, using heat makes skis and boards faster and stronger. To build the controller yourself and buy a heat blanket or 2 would cost $100 for the box, blankets are about $350 each.

What specifically will you need to get started?
A top mold Cost approx $100 to make it yourself.
A cat-track (a series of bars for pressure distribution) $50 – $200
Some metal sheeting for to setup and glue up $30
A means to move the press (flatbed trailer with ramps works best). It weighs about 3500LBS.

The press will be available approximately July 15th
You can come and see the press in action and how we build skis and boards to get an idea.

Email me back with questions, but please specify something about madison or about the press.


Eagle Eye Productions Snow Daze

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The guys form Eagle eye are  a dedicated bunch. Working to earn their keep, they’ve gotten to hit a lot of local Wisco parks. They not only live the snowboard culture, but are also active wake riders and are stoked to show that they support the local guys in both.

Here is their story from the 15/16 snowboard season.



Prospect Builds Boards and Skis for the Free Thinking

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16-17 SKI SNOWBOARD lineup

Built with Sweat and Blood

The Crafting Process is heavy on skill hands and craftsmanship. Prospect uses industry specialized materials, professional building techniques, and industrial spec machines. However, it is the skilled hand of the “Craftsman” that holds the artform that is board and ski building. The Craftsman understands the feel of each wood species in the core and how it translates into the ride character of the end product. The Craftsman understands that the shaping subtleties can always be increasingly dialed in. The craftsman understands that building skis and boards is never mastered because there is always possibility for improvement. This is embodied in every Snowboard, Wake, and Ski built at Prospect. We are a balance of rider, manufacturer, and artist. This balance brings quality craftsmanship with a feel for performance.

We don’t do the relay of Product testing from riders to accounting to be sure it will meet profit margins, we don’t submit designs to the sales team for focus group testing, and we don’t convolute our process through fancy marketing terms. Instead, we get direct input from riders for development, we put our best shaping and materials on all of our products, and design from the angle that we eat, sleep, and breath skiing and boarding. The entire package has to sum up a shape, camber, and material package that is best created by the rider and skier. Building Skis and Snowboards is not an easy process. But just like taking the harder line on the mountain, it is the challenge that keeps us passionate about building.

Real Fackin’ Technology

Real Fackin’ Technology throws overhyped technology, wordsmithed descriptions, and marketing made terms out the window. The team at Prospect is all about transparency. We are upfront and want you to know the real materials going into your gear as we see it from the supplier itself.

Our new Frequency Core utilizes 3 domestically sourced species of wood: Maple for strength and feel, Aspen for lightness and smooth ride, and Poplar stability and pop. The 3 woods all carry a unique harmonic vibration that effectively cancels out bumps and chatter on the slope. This triple set of woods are also engineered to get the best strength to weight ratio and pop/flex performance.

Our new Triple dampening reinforced sidewall uses starts with a sintered sidewall that is tank tough and super abrasion resistant. The military uses this low abrasion sliding material on aircraft carrier cable systems that catch jets coming in for landing. Then we wrap the inside, top, and bottom with our bonding tape to create a super tough, long lasting bond to prevent delamination and brush off impact.

Direct Compression molded pressing is a new technique we use in the factory to build a stronger board. We now precisely CNC cut our molds so that it perfectly fits the laminated board or ski inside. It is engineering geekery. Other companies uses presses that use a series of pads and tracking to get even pressure when pressing their boards. Our direct  compression creates a super even pressure to create a stronger board or ski.

More Domestically and Reliably sourced materials. 

  • Wood Core – Wisconsin Sourced Lumber – New London, WI
  • Glass – Vectorply Phenix City, AL
  • Basalt – Our secret supplier Pulheim Germany
  • Topsheet – IsoSport Eisenstadt Austria
  • Base –  IsoSport Eisenstadt Austria and Crown Plastics Harrison, OH
  • Edges – CD Waelzholz Cleveland OH
  • Epoxy – Huntsman Adhesives Denver, CO
  • VDS – Ask Industries Nagano Japan

16/17 New Ski and Snowboard Lineup

The new 16/17 lineup is reinvented from the ground up. We are bringing higher performance, new technology, and new ideas to the gear you ride. The biggest addition (and apparently controversial) to the 16/17 line are hugely awesome skis. To some riders, ski, snowboard, and wakeboard companies should not commingle for fear that they might have 3 arm babies. The reality is that wakeboarding can take notes from snowboarding (and does), Skiing can take notes from wakeboarding, snowboarding can take notes from wakeboarding, or any other combination. All three share ride characteristics that can benefit from each other. Building to just one discipline is narrow thinking and restricts real development. Prospect, who supports free, outside the box thinking has created a full lineup that will create new avenues for improvement and performance.

  • Model 349 – Our New huge Bang For the buck entry uses great technology with tuned flex, pop, and durability for park riding.
  • Park and Pow – Outside the box thinking brings a uniquely shaped twin makes a great park board with a powder floating “choptail” for the extra imaginative rider.
  • Grassroot Custom – Our hands on, build it the way you want it, primo material, high performance board that puts you in the mind of the craftsman
  • Park Slayer Skis – Our new, True twin design with an 88m waist designed to take hits and go big.
  • Mountain Slayer Skis – All new, all over the mountain goodness will follow you in trusty performance.

Custom Promotional Snowboards, Skis, and Wakeboards

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promo-bannerThe guys at Prospect Snow and Wake, with a few years under our belt and have gotten to dig in on some awesome projects with some of the top companies appreciating the active world of boarding and skiing. We’ll call it the “action sports” industry. Making promotional Snowboards, skis, and Wakeboards has been a popular item for beverage, automotive, and a wide variety of accessories companies looking to shout out to to a focused group of users. The concept of Promotional boards is rad.

We would like a to set up a quick info log to help guide you through some of the fundamentals of setting up a fun project. We’ll give you some ideas on why our promotional boards and skis are great, we’ll cover a few main ideas to know, and we’ll help you understand how to get the most out of the promotional piece in itself.

promo-banner2Promotional Skis and Snowboards Profile

Promotional Snowboards are a unique, hand crafted, highly visible, focused pieces that make a statement. We’re not making can koozies here. Boards and skis take in elements of art, print, woodworking, composites, and are specifically engineered products. The process and materials are very specialized. The end product sees users that are equally unique. Boards and skis are used with high excitement, visible in at mountain resorts, and it is easy to identify the appeal of this focused audience.  That high energy, high visibility, focused audience is easy to identify as a good match for any promotional campaign.


What goes into building Skis and Snowboards

Manufacturing Snowboards are built to order and one of the first things needed is artwork. Lead times vary greatly on time of year. During the snow season (November to April) lead times are 10 to 12 weeks. Usual lead times are 8 weeks. For projects in a pinch we have had lead times in as little as 5 days after getting an approved artwork.

Snowboards are signage. The print on snowboards uses the same techniques used in making signs and product packaging. Designers can use the same images, ideas, and themes in your products. What comes out on a printer can typically be applied to a snowboard.

Outside of artwork and delivery dates, your decision making is minimal and you don’t have to be knowledgeable of skis or boards to set this up. We have shapes, sizes, and build profiles that will adapt to a wide variety of users to assure your promotional piece will be used.


Understand how to get the most out of a our custom boards

Some our clients like Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Doc360, Chronic Cellars, Korbel Brandy, Tighthead Brewery, and Hi-Chew Fruit chews, and Loaker wafers have successfully used promotional boards and skis in photo shoots, as display decor, events like the Dew Tour, product placement with sponsored athletes, product giveaways, distributor perks, you name it.

Our main goal is to create a product that the end user will indeed use. Skis and boards that sit in a closet are of no value. To help assure that these items get their intended use we use the most current industry technology, shapes, and construction. Old construction methods are commonly used in building promotional snowboards and skis to save a few bucks. This is noticeable to users when they see what they are riding is different than what everyone else has. Prospect only builds with boards with that current build profile. It is our belief that a great board is the most likely to be used by the end user.