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promo-bannerThe guys at Prospect Snow and Wake, with a few years under our belt and have gotten to dig in on some awesome projects with some of the top companies appreciating the active world of boarding and skiing. We’ll call it the “action sports” industry. Making promotional Snowboards, skis, and Wakeboards has been a popular item for beverage, automotive, and a wide variety of accessories companies looking to shout out to to a focused group of users. The concept of Promotional boards is rad.

We would like a to set up a quick info log to help guide you through some of the fundamentals of setting up a fun project. We’ll give you some ideas on why our promotional boards and skis are great, we’ll cover a few main ideas to know, and we’ll help you understand how to get the most out of the promotional piece in itself.

promo-banner2Promotional Skis and Snowboards Profile

Promotional Snowboards are a unique, hand crafted, highly visible, focused pieces that make a statement. We’re not making can koozies here. Boards and skis take in elements of art, print, woodworking, composites, and are specifically engineered products. The process and materials are very specialized. The end product sees users that are equally unique. Boards and skis are used with high excitement, visible in at mountain resorts, and it is easy to identify the appeal of this focused audience.  That high energy, high visibility, focused audience is easy to identify as a good match for any promotional campaign.


What goes into building Skis and Snowboards

Manufacturing Snowboards are built to order and one of the first things needed is artwork. Lead times vary greatly on time of year. During the snow season (November to April) lead times are 10 to 12 weeks. Usual lead times are 8 weeks. For projects in a pinch we have had lead times in as little as 5 days after getting an approved artwork.

Snowboards are signage. The print on snowboards uses the same techniques used in making signs and product packaging. Designers can use the same images, ideas, and themes in your products. What comes out on a printer can typically be applied to a snowboard.

Outside of artwork and delivery dates, your decision making is minimal and you don’t have to be knowledgeable of skis or boards to set this up. We have shapes, sizes, and build profiles that will adapt to a wide variety of users to assure your promotional piece will be used.


Understand how to get the most out of a our custom boards

Some our clients like Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Doc360, Chronic Cellars, Korbel Brandy, Tighthead Brewery, and Hi-Chew Fruit chews, and Loaker wafers have successfully used promotional boards and skis in photo shoots, as display decor, events like the Dew Tour, product placement with sponsored athletes, product giveaways, distributor perks, you name it.

Our main goal is to create a product that the end user will indeed use. Skis and boards that sit in a closet are of no value. To help assure that these items get their intended use we use the most current industry technology, shapes, and construction. Old construction methods are commonly used in building promotional snowboards and skis to save a few bucks. This is noticeable to users when they see what they are riding is different than what everyone else has. Prospect only builds with boards with that current build profile. It is our belief that a great board is the most likely to be used by the end user.

Prospect Affiliate Program

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Our affiliate program allows Prospect Snowboards to team up with major gear e-retailers to bring you awesome service and gear to get you out on the slope.

When you buy snowboard, ski, or wakeboard gear on one of our affiliates websites we’ll be glad to help you set up your gear absolutely FREE! We can help size you up, be sure your gear is compatible, and set up your gear when it arrives.  This gives you access to great prices from the best internet retailers and professional setup to ensure you have a great time on the slope.

The way affiliate programs work is we have a referral links seen above. When a purchase is made through our affiliate link we’ll see that the order was made. When you gear arrives, just bring it into the local showroom and we’ll get you set up to ride. Affiliate Purchases from backcountry, evo, and the house can be directed through our website or purchases made at our local factory and board shop using our affiliate link.

What else should I know?

It is important to note that it is required that the purchase be made and recorded through our affiliate link. Purchases not made with our affiliate are not eligible to free setup.

We are not an extension of or customer service for,, or Prospect Does not provide services on any returns, warranties, customer service issues, or product support.

We will still be glad to offer setup and tuning services for purchases not made through our affiliate program at a great rate $15 for snowboard setup, $50 for basic ski setup.

Prospect Snowboards Preorder 15/16

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Preorder your Prospect Snowboard and get hooked up with $100 off the retail price, an in house printed Prospect shirt, and a stack of stickers. All made just for you.  Here are some details:

  • Use Coupon Code “preorder” at checkout or stop in the shop.
  • All orders made before 11/15 will ship or be available to pick up by 11/29
  • All orders made before 12/1 will ship or be available to pick up before 12/22
  • Shipping to the lower 48 US states is free
  • All preorders are pressed fresh and just for you.

Now pick your shredstick of choice….

Prospect Sooperpark SnowboardGreen Machine Eco SnowboardProspect Passage camber dominant snowboardDown to Freeride Snowboard Mini-Machine1000STG1-insta-card

T.J. Homan 2 year Edit

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T.J. is has taken banger to another level with this fresh 2 year, street and park edit. While he pokes fun of his natural awkwardness of life, his natural talent is snowboarding. T.J. is one hell of a rad, selfless, driven guy. T.J. Lives and breaths snowboarding and promotes the core values of the sport. Now for your feature film…

2015/2016 Wakeboards

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The 2015 Wake lineup is now available. We’ve perfected our setup and  slimmed our selection to 2 distinct models featuring:

  • A revamped rocker profile
  • All new materials and reinforced sidewalls and inserts for added durability
  • Our all new Eco friendly model made from domestically sourced materials and 100% kind hemp stringers

Elip1 gREEN-GO-2-UP

T.J. Homan – Opener Tyrol Tuesdays Vol. 3

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Check out T.J. ripping it up on one of our old race board prototypes. Straight entertainment.

Song – “Rubber Room” by Davida Loca/ Part Time
Captured and cut by Alex Havey and Calen Albert
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Ben Monson (Salomon Snowboards)
Caleb Kitzerow
Scotty Sundstrom
Sam Klein (Never Summer)
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TJ Homan (Prospect Snowboards)
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