Prospect Teams up with Evo to get you killer gear

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We’re stoked to bring you yet another way to get great deals on gear from Prospect in conjunction with

By shopping at evo for you Wakeboard, ski, and snowboard gear, you will in turn get hooked up from Prospect. With any qualifying purchase from evo, you will get

  • On any purchase over $50 with the house we’ll give you 50% off a Prospect Shirt.
  • With any boot and binding purchase at the house, you earn a FREE Prospect Shirt. (you just pay shipping)
  • With any boot and binding purchase of $250 or more at, you’ll get $100 off any Prospect Snowboard or wakeboard!

To cash in on your discount just use coupon code “EVO” during checkout with Prospect and we’ll do the rest. Qualifying purchases must be made through the link below.

Custom Snowboard Blowout

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Untitled-1Prospect Snowboards is having our annual custom snowboard blowout. Ever wanted your own personalized graphic on a snowboard? We’re the go to guys to do it.

DOWNLOAD CUSTOM SNOW AND WAKE CATALOGBecause Prospect does every piece of production in house from graphics, to shaping, and pressing we have a ton of options available from custom shapes, to personalize graphics, and every performance material available under the sun.

  • How much do you want to personalize? It’s up to you, but we are here to make it easier.
  • Not a photoshop artist? It’s all good,  we’re here to help.
  • Want something really unique that no one else has? No problem we can help make it happen.

From now until Feb 15 we are blowing out this sale with

  • 20% off on the base Custom snowboard pricing PLUS
  • 50% off upgrades and customizations.


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Prospect Teams up with The House to get you gear

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Thats right, Prospect and super discount site, The House boardshop are teaming up to bring you awesome gear.

By shopping at The House with a qualified purchase, you will earn awesome discounts from Prospect. All you have to do is hit the link below and pick up the gear you love.

Here is how to get Prospect Gear by shopping with The House…

  • On any purchase over $50 with the house we’ll give you 50% off a Prospect Shirt.
  • With any boot and binding purchase at the house, you earn a FREE Prospect Shirt. (you just pay shipping)
  • With any boot and binding purchase at The House, you’ll get $50 off any Prospect Snowboard or wakeboard!

*A qualifying purchase means you hit the link below.

Black Friday and Holiday Special

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Prospect is bringing an awesome package deal to the table in conjunction with NOW bindings. At our factory showroom or online, get 25% off made to order decks with purchase of a pair of NOW IPO or SELECT bindings.Thats up to $150 bucks off!

Use coupon code “PACKITUP” with a board and pair of bindings in your cart.


Snowboard Preorder Special – The Primo package!

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sidewall profile

To the shredicated riders… we have come up with a bitchin’ deal for your snowboard quiver this winter.

Since we make all our boards in house we asked ourselves, what hasn’t been and What would make the most awesome way to personalize a board?

How about offer automatic upgrades to all of our best materials on a board specially pressed for you?

We have set up a pre order program that automatically upgrades any board in our lineup to a configuration with all of our best material and shape ideas all in one. We’ve also set up easy payment arrangements that won’t stress your pocket book.  Here is the gig:

Hurry, this offer expires 11/1/14!

When you order any deck in the Prospect lineup, you automatically get at no extra cost:

  • A free upgrade to our signature, ultra tough, floro green,  Bazooka Gumwall –  urethane sidewalls
  • Free Bamboo core stringers for maximum pop.
  • Free upgrade to hemp or Carbon configuration
  • A free T-shirt on us.
  • Free shipping on us to the lower 48 states.


Just pick your board from the lineup below:

  • Upgrade our premier deck with bamboo core stringers on the Sooperpark CRC
  • Make our eco board a mountain slayer with urethane sidewalls, The Green Machine
  • Get a huge upgrade on the cheap on our park board with the easy flexing, micro camber Passage.
  • Up your all mountain freeride experience with more aggressive pop on the DTF Freeride
  • Get buttery with our reverse camber Tangent

This gets you a customized board with a combination shape, material, and artwork that isn’t available anywhere else.

  • Best of all, a simple 50% down payment is all you need to get started.
  • The remainder of the balance is due when you are ready for your board.  (We need about  4 weeks to make your board.(Right in time for the season to start.)
  • To get started just pick the model from our lineup, checkout, and apply coupon “UPGRADE” to get the 50% downpayment applied.


Prospect Open House and super Sale

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Prospect Open House Flyer

We are stoked to announce the 2nd annual Prospect Open House. Last year, moving into our new shop, we did a grand opening, fun event format. This year, we’re doing it again and we’re adding more fun to the event, and being shop local saturday on black friday weekend the Prospect Open House will have some slammin’ deals on our Gear.

The Jam packed event will have 2- 1 hour sessions. The first is a more detailed look into what goes into building a snowboard. For anyone who has ever wanted to make their own board, this is the event for you. Did we mention we have ready to press kits available?

The second event will be similar to our format last year where we press a board, live, for everyone to see. This board will be given away to one single WINNER! Not local to sign up for the give away? Thats fine just sign up for the Prospect updates in the upper right of this page.  We will also be showing edits from local shredders and we’ll have some food and drink available too.

So be sure to break up the shopping monotony and come see a fun event to get you stoked to hit the slopes.

More info and RSVP with Facebook here

Introducing the satisfaction guaranteed return policy.

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Prospect Snow and Wake brings a renewed dedication to shred with our new dedication to bring you a way to try Prospect gear. We guarantee you’ll love it.


Love your board or your money back!

I personally guarantee your ski or board is going to be the absolute best . If for any reason within your first 3 days of riding if you don’t love them, you can send them back to me and I’ll refund your total product & shipping costs, with no questions asked! If you don’t like them, send them back, we’ll ride it!



100% Independent, rider owned, rider engineered, and rider built

Sweat and Blood in the board and in the building process.  Labels: indie, underground, built by riders for riders. The labels have grown to be tired and the cliche.  The reality is that we’ve put work in, busted skis and boards, learned deep dynamics, and dedicated ourselves to making boards that live to be ridden as much as you live to ride.



Solid F*****g Product

There are 3 parts to making a solid product. Great materials, well thought out shapes, and well engineered assembly.  We use ski, snowboard, and wakeboard specialezed materials that are more durable and carry higher strength to weight characteristics to make a ski or board that lives longer and rides better. While these materials are the fundamental basis for making a product that performs, we also put in riding time to make sure the shape and camber of each of our skis and boards can produce a pro level shred. Lets not forget the craft of building our skis and boards. It takes more than passion. We’ve assembled a process that provides us with low tolerances for flaws that inhibit performance. We’ve developed our building process to rise to the call of a 100+ day rider. Our manufacturing facility also supports processes that produce less waste, uses materials that are less harmful, and reclaims materials like wood scrap for heating our building.





Reason for existence

The industry has riders stoked with lower cost product that genuinely performs much better than decades past. It is great that more riders have access to skiing and boardsports so friends and family can enjoy the experience we live for. That is great and the way it should be.  There is a problem though. Board and ski companies (specifically meaning companies, because there are companies don’t manufacture their own product) use methods of production that use low standards for health and safety of not only the people that make the product, but also in the same way use lax methods for keeping the environment we live in suitable to ride in.  These lax methods are seriously affecting the waters we surf, the land we play on, and the air we breath.  Our reason for existence is to create boards that bring fulfillment and enjoyment in life, to make our riders feel like the board they ride adds high value in their experience, and supports a healthy lifestyle inside and out.  We get it….




Support your local ski and board builder

Know what goes into building your boards and skis, know who builds them, and be assured that we’re riders first, not salesman first. You, the rider should be informed on what is awesome, why its awesome, and how it works best. “Salesman” in stores work hard to memorize marketing buzzwords with a general idea of what it does. Get it from the guys who know best, they guys that design the technology, your local ski and board factory.



WE BUILD OUR BOARDS for awesome performance, are dedicated to give the people who ride our boards a absolutely slammin’ value, and do our part to be responsible with the health and safety for everyone who shares this planet.


Take the high road. Evolve.