Board Builders FAQ

Q: I got the board in the mail and the core lamination split or some of the strips split apart. What do I do?

A: Not to worry, just glue it back together. Super glue and hot glue work well. Sand it a little to remove excess glue.

Q: Ok, I got the kit now how do I make a snowboard, kiteboard, wakeboard, ski?

A: we encourage you to do your research first. Check out It is an excellent resource on how to build these. Also youtube has a gazillion videos from ski and snowboard factories that show you how to make them. Try searching for how to build skis, how to build a kiteboard

Q: What are the dimensions of the unshaped core kit?

A: The core is the critical measurement here. Materials cover the length and width of the core. Measurements are as follows:

  • Snowboard: 65″ x 12″ x .330″
  • Ski: 68″ x 5.5″ x .460″
  • Wakeboard: 55″ x 18.5″ x .350″

Q: 3 weeks to deliver? That’s ridiculous. I’m an Amazon prime member and I want it delivered same day via drone. (sarcasm)

A: We build this kit to order and we combine inside our regular production. This ensures consistent good quality. That quality takes some time.

Q: Where are the directions? Who can I contact for a how to?

A: The directions are your research on the skibuilders forum. You can contact us on topics directly related to the kit in itself, but we do not answer “how to build” questions.

Q: I messed up and my kit is a total loss. This sucks. I’m bummed.

A: On one level. That is part of board building. Stuff goes wrong, it’s frustrating, but you learned. Sorry we don’t cover this and don’t try to twist the story to make it not your own fault. On another level. We’re sympathetic. We want you to successfully press. We’ll help to get you another kit. It won’t be free, but we’ll work with you to utilize any materials from the previous build.