Wakeboard Kiteboard Building Kits

Our full factory setup allows us to offer tough to find materials for the home builder. A hugely fun way to experiment and hone your primal crafting skills these for the DIY wakeboarder and kiteboarder. These boards can be reliably built by vacuum bag or compression molding into a form.  When ordering please expect 2 to 3 weeks for us to build and deliver.

We would like to mention that we cannot be your resource for building instruction. We love teaching people and wish we had the time, but everyone’s setup is different and to support this is just too time consuming.

Wakeboard kiteboard core

Complete kits are ready to build. The poplar wood core is assembled and profiled to the specs we use in production. We include the finished core with our signature urethane sidewalls, lengths of Triaxial fiberglass for each side, inserts, topsheet, and base material. If you are handy with photoshop or illustrator you can also put your graphic on the top and base. Fin spacing is 3″. The size we have are 130cm, 134cm, 138cm and 142cm. You just need to supply the epoxy!

wakeboard kiteboard core blankCore- Our poplar cores are set up for 18″x60″x.5″ are planed smooth and flat. We can drill insert holes with our house tooling.  These can also be profiled so you can cut your own shapes and sized.  Do understand that profiled cores do not ship well. The ends of the wood ribs can split and may need to reglued.

Sublimated graphics wakeboard kiteboardSublimated Graphics – If you would like to get your graphics onto the top and bottom of your board we have the equipment. Make your artwork 150cm x 49cm @300 DPI. an ai, pdf, tiff, or psd format works great.  Check out dropbox if your graphic is too big to email.

Triaxial Fiberglass wakeboard kiteboardFiberglass- The weight and size you need to build a wakeboard/kiteboard.  Comes with 2 sheets 19x150cm. (enough for 1 board)

UMHW kiteboard wakeboardUMHW base- the same base materials used in skis and snowboards, but purposed for wakeboards and kiteboards.  A super durable low friction base that makes a board that can take abuse.

topsheet wakeboard kiteboardTopsheet – The color, known as natural, is mostly transparent after soaked with epoxy in 19″ width for wakeboards and kiteboards.

inserts wakeboard kiteboardInserts – Sold in packs of 12. They come with plastic caps so the threads aren’t filled in when pressed.