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The Unreal collection is of extraterrestrial nature using ideas that are from another dimension in a parallel reality. The shaping and camber profile are the preferred vehicle to navigate any martian landscape from feature rich urban space stations to backcountry hyrdo powder fields. This is the optimum performance in all peaceful encounters. Ω

  • Camber Bias: Hybrid – Camber between the feet rocker outside
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Flex: Park Flex 4/10
  • Core: Frequency core Maple/Poplar/Aspen hybrid
  • Base: Iso-Ex park base
  • Glass: Triaxial with Carbon V’s in the tips for balanced flex
  • Sidewall: Triple dampened Sintered


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Product Description

LOCAL WOOD TRIAX Triple dampening VDS SUPPORT-YOUR-LOCAL-SKI-AND-SNOWBOARD-factory CARBON American-materials twin




Snowboard Purpose

The 2018 Unreal, our most popular shape line. A hybrid camber has aggressive pop between the feet and the rocker section outside the binding makes it pressable in the park and offers unmatched float in powder.

A centered stance, freestyle deck, this is the daily driver for Neil, who shaped and engineered this design. “If I could I would have a different board for every hit in a single run. The unreal is amazing on the most types of terrains of any board. You can start at the top of the mountain to slash pow, carve tight trees, hit the jump line, and get technical on rails. This is the quiver killer”
The materials in the Unreal are top notch. Wood for the core is locally sourced in California, Composites come from Ohio and Denver, Seattle, and we import topsheets from Austria.
The Unreal is a middle of the road flex board that can travel to any part of the mountain. The proven shape and camber profile developed by Prospect is truly amazing.

Snowboard Materials

  • Park Sense 4/10 Flex – A deck with enough flex to be versatile in rail game and enough pop for any jump line.
  • Carbon V – Our carbon is a high modulus that creates an ultra light, torsional control array to deliver power and pop exactly when you need it.
  • Frequency Core – Our poplar maple species core are domestically sourced and use Maple for durability and Poplar for light weight pop. These woods have different harmonic frequencies that create a reduction in overall vibration for better stability at high speed.
  • Triple Reinforced Dampening – 3 layers of VDS rubber is used to toughen the edges against impact and it holds the bonds together in flex.  This is usually only done between the edge first layer of glass.  We add another layer above, and also between the core and sidewall to make sure the laminate bonds last longer.
  • Iso-ex hand screened base – Our Iso-ex base is super durable, easy to repair, and low maintenance for repeated park abuse. Not to mention all bases on the model 349 are screen printed by hand.
  • American made materials – Prospect uses as many American made and green materials as possible.  Aside from being manufactured in the U.S.A. our cores, bases, fiberglass, and epoxy are all made stateside. Also, Poplar isn’t only amazing for performance, it also is a widely grown and renewable resource and is more environmentally friendly than P-tex and ABS Plastic.

Snowboard Shape

The Ω Unreal Ω collection hybrid camber and low swing weight makes it is easy to control at all speeds for technical riding.  Made to be the ultimate freestyle machine, it has better pop and stability than reverse camber decks and makes an awesome snowboard for buttering Modified technology from the reverse camber revolution the camber to rocker transition gives you awesome straight-line speed because the binding location creates a flattened tip and tail that track straight when flat and initiate turns in an instant.   The camber surface gives you better lock on jibs, more edge contact to stabilize spins, and lighter swing weight for overall agility.  The longer running length and wider footprint lets you size down yet keeps control on big hits.

  • Hybrid Camber Technology – Hybrid camber refers to the beds of the board from its side profile. Our hybrid carries a Positive camber section between the feet for pop fast turn transition. The Rocker section outside the binding area is pressable in the park and acts as a huge powder scoop in the powder.
  • Constantly Rad Sidecut -Engineered directly to work with our CRC camber profile is our constant Radius sidecut puts the entire edge on the surface making the Tangent RC a carving machine on groomers.  More edge contact = More Grip…   This is by far our most favored benefit that our riders love about the Tangent.
  • True Twin Freestyle Snowboard – The True twin shape of Prospect snowboards is built to work with the carbon fiber X beams built into the tip and tail.  With a centered it is a freestyle deck with even pop.  Setting the stance back for powder and freeride decreases the amount of carbon past your back foot and increases the amount of carbon in front of you.  This gives a little more flex in back to float on powder and stiffness up front for stability.  Our true twin decks exclusively have this engineering built in.
Length (cm) 148 152 154.5
Tip Width (cm) 28.9 29.1 29.5
Tail Width (cm) 28.9 29.1 29.5
Waist Width 24.5 24.7 25
Tip Length 20 20 20
Tail Length 20 20 20
Sidecut Radius 6900 7200 7300