Wakeboard and Kiteboard Building Kits


We are working to get this updated with Wakeboard pics, kits are available!!! The service and materials included are everything you need to press your wakeboard except epoxy and the vacuum/press.

Our full factory setup allows us to offer tough to find materials for the home builder. A hugely fun way to experiment and hone your primal crafting skills these for the DIY skier. These boards can be reliably built by vacuum bag or compression molding into a form. When ordering please expect 2 to 3 weeks for us to build and deliver.

Our sized kit options come with the core already shaped and profiled, inserts drilled and attached, sidewalls already attached and profiled with the core, inserts set to the appropriate height, and Fin placement inserts.

For all kits, the included materials are wood core with the selected stringer, UHMWPE sidewall, Triax Glass, Inserts, Topsheet and base material. (Topsheet and base material depends on what is in stock. White PBT is the standard, however clear material may be substituted.)

We would like to mention that we cannot be your resource for building instruction. We love teaching people and wish we had the time, but everyone’s setup is different and to support this is just too time consuming.

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Wakeboard build Build Kits

Includes Core, fiberglass, UHMWPE sidewall, base material, and topsheet. Everything engineered and shaped to one of our sizes. Everything you need to pop a Wakeboard or Kiteboard in the press, just add epoxy.

This kit basically “ready to press”. Minimal tools needed, assembled by a practiced assembler, and with all the parts needed.

You pick the size, we shape it and attach sidewall, profile and align the core, counter bore the inserts.
What you’ll need:
-Hot glue to attach the end sections of sidewall, the epoxy, and the vacuum/press setup.

Epoxy Recommendations

Entropy Bio Resins 3 quart kit