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Prospect Snowboard Press Snowboard Press Frame


We have something unique!
A professionally made press for making Skis, snowboards, Wakeboards, and skateboards. This is perfect for the enthusiast that wants to geek out into the art of building skis and boards, or it is perfect for someone that has had a dream to start their own brand. The sky is the limit here, what you can imagine, you can make.

This is a cavity press made from 17″ I beams. We built it from the ground up and have pressed thousands of boards/skis with this press. It is sturdy and will last likely forever.

For those who are awoken to the idea of building your own, there are a handful of enthusiasts around the world that do this in their garage. Some do it as a hobby, some as a small business. The good news, because people do this in their garage there is also a resource on how to build them. skibuilders(.)com has instructions and forums that will give you all the information you’ll ever need.

We are selling our press because we are moving. This is an extremely fun art and craft that will challenge you.

There are a few things to understand what does come with this press and what doesn’t come with this press.

The press itself, assembled with Casters so it can be moved around.
We will include the pneumatics (air line plumbing and air bag.
We can include a few CNC cut snowboard and Ski templates that we no long use
We will also 3 camber molds that will allow you to make a range of sizes that we no long use so getting to the point you are pressing will be as easy as possible, but there will be a bit of extra work and material

What is not included
-Complete mold tooling. You will have some to work with as mentioned above.
-Instructions on how to use this. You will want to read. However, I will include 5 hours of consulting which can be spent in our shop to see how we make everything..
-Materials to make boards/skis. I will offer resources on where to get them and can sell some as well to help get you started. These resources are friendly and easy to order low quantity.

Not included but you might consider adding but isn’t required right away.
-Electrical heat. Again, we can offer resources. In time, using heat makes skis and boards faster and stronger. To build the controller yourself and buy a heat blanket or 2 would cost $100 for the box, blankets are about $350 each.

What specifically will you need to get started?
A top mold Cost approx $100 to make it yourself.
A cat-track (a series of bars for pressure distribution) $50 – $200
Some metal sheeting for to setup and glue up $30
A means to move the press (flatbed trailer with ramps works best). It weighs about 3500LBS.

The press will be available approximately July 15th
You can come and see the press in action and how we build skis and boards to get an idea.

Email me back with questions, but please specify something about madison or about the press.