Custom Snowboards


Prospect is stoked to bring our new, full option, fully customizable, skis, snowboards, and wakeboard boutique. While the standard equipment available to everyone will satisfy most appetites, Prospect is the key match to the rider looking for absolute individuality, a ride that isn’t mass-produced, and that no other person can buy.

As a fully integrated factory from start to finish we can offer customization, modification, and personalization that other brands and even factories simply cannot offer. From simple tweaks, to custom artwork, and even high performance carbon decks are all available.  This puts you in control of the aesthetics, performance and the materials that go into your board. The options are truly limitless.

The engineering, the materials, and equipment that go into a wake and snow manufacturer are beyond the reach accessibility for manufacturers. Either a factory is small and doesn’t have access to required sophisticated machines and materials to offer quality product options, or factories are too large and have too much overhead to offer the detailed customization that goes into custom building. After hard work, bloodied knuckles, and tons of planning we can offer this option to you. The options we have available, the materials we can offer, and the quality is simply unmatched.


A wide range of options

We have developed a library of over 35 shapes and sizes, a huge list of high performance materials, and we have the tools to apply photo quality graphics on any board or ski. All of this is done in house to give you control over your custom board like never before. Again, your artwork, material, and quality options are simply unmatched.


Endless customization

The result is a combination of quality and customization that is unavailable from other brands and manufacturers. We carry materials that would require large manufacturers to reinvest huge tooling costs. Also, our digital print process lets you create your personal artwork for your own endless customization.  We have also made the customization process easy with a menu of features and performance upgrades.


 Let us know what you are looking for…

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