Custom Wide Snowboards

Tall guys and large foot freaks, we feel your pain.

The guys at Prospect are asked all the time.

  • Can you make me a snowboard that will my size 15 clown feet?
  • I’m an 8’6″ tall yeti. Can you make a snowboard that will fit me?
  • Dude, I want a surfboard for the snow, can you make it for me?

If you find yourself asking this, you know that finding a sizable board is a tough find. Finding a wide or super long board that still turns well and has an appropriate flex is nearly impossible.


In our wide boards we use the same great materials as our production line with some adjustments to core thickness, fiberglass strength, and other reinforcements. We also use a custom, multi radius sidecut that fits a larger foot to a board that still makes quick turns (most wide snowboards turn like freight ship). These are all factors in building a board that suits a rider who does not fit the typical body profile.


In building a custom wide board, custom shapes are adapted into our existing molds.  This makes the final price that is within reach.  Building your custom board allows you to decide your:

  • Custom width and length
  • Custom Sidecuts and waved sidecuts
  • Custom tip designs
  • Adapt our artwork or make your own.

This includes boards for the growing popularity of snow and powder surfing.

Riders loooking for a snowsurfer with heavy taper shape, super rockered shapes, or funky tip shapes, we can do them.

Here a few consideration on what we can do:

  • Lenghts up to 180cm
  • Widths up to 33cm
  • We can do reverse sidecut

All these factors can be adopted into our platform for building boards.  Since we build our own boards we can offer that custom, unique, and individual board that the big companies just don’t have time for.

Hit up our contact form and tell what your ideas are…