Camber Tech

Camber tech

Convex Base and Reverse Camber Profile

Uncharacteristic to the industry, our reverse camber profile is a board that can hold an edge.   During development we wanted a board that we could ride super aggressively all over the slope.  We liked the free, playful feel of a reverse camber board, but hated that it couldn’t turn.  In comes our convex base; the middle of the board lies lower than the edges creating a beveled edge.  This raised, beveled edge makes a catch free board on rails, makes knee dragging horizontal carves, and handles the tough landiings with ease.  Our reverse camber profile is the board you want if you find yourself saying “I wish there was a board that was awesome everywhere.”  If you like carving, rails, racing, and park all in the same run; this is your board. Available on: Tangent and Vitality RC

RC6 Reverse Camber Profile

Our newest profile.  Flat between the feet, rocker to the tip and tail, and a soft flex pattern, and torsionally loose.  A great board for to spread the butters and jib the park and urban scene.  The 6 points of contact from the C6 tech makes a stable board at high speed adds strategic contact for turning in icy conditions.  The RC6 reverse camber profile is a great board for riders who like an easy flexing board for better jib approaches, flatland butters, for icy conditions. Available on: Tangent RC6

Positive Camber Profile

Our camber profile is the way to go if you find that reverse camber boards are too unstable when you are pushing the limits on performance.  The camber resistance provides more pop and the outside contact points give a stable edge during high pressure contact.  Our positive camber profile is built for 60+ foot booters and are recommended for riders who have a tendency to land in the front or back seat on landings.  Available on: Passage and Vitality