Material Tech

Bamboo Sidewalls

We’ve done bamboo since day one and we have it mastered.  It is impact absorbent, it dampens chatter, and it pops harder.  Bamboo lines the sidewalls of the board; providing pop from the hefty flex and dampening from the part fibrous and foam like structural makeup.  Our bamboo sidewalls contribute to the overall flex and pop of our boards.  Our sidewalls also create a smooth tensional flex that keeps our boards stable at bullet speeds and rock hard landings.  Feel good knowing the super sustainable resource gives you a better ride.

Carbon Fiber Shuttle Cocks

IT’S ERECTRIC! Our F1 grade carbon weave is pretensioned and impregnated with epoxy ensuring a tight weave and popped out reflex.  Additionally the preimpregnated fiber also creates a better bond meaning a better crafted board that last longer and performs better.  With the improved carbon tech we have been able to cut our board weights by 20% by allowing us to replace heavier wood with light carbon fiber.

Far Out Effective Edge

The point is to make a lighter shorter board handle like a longer, more stable snowboard.  We push the contact points out as far as possible for more edge contact through turns.   The long contact point results in a board that doesn’t wash out in hard carving turns.

Mid-Wide waists

We like a board that can turn and wide boards are sluggish as hell.  At the same time we’ve had tons of guys that are gifted in the sock department tell us they aren’t into dragging their toes.  We studied some widths along with carve angles and sidecuts and found a sweet combination that gives riders with a bigger foot a board that turns hard and tight.

Custom Epoxy Resin

Using the right glue a seriously crucial element in snowboard crafting for durability, life, and feel.  Our we’ve developed a glue with a higher rubber content that holds the bonds between materials better.  This means fewer delaminations, less chatter, and no midseason repairs.  This is our own formula, developed by us, tested on animals, and confirmed to be sticky.

Rubber Boogers

Rubber Vibration Strips, often called VDS has become a standard in snowboard tech.  Purpose 1 is to create a flexible material between layers that keeps the epoxy bonds strong.  It has some dampening effects like someone else claims, but nothing like our custom epoxy resin and bamboo sidewalls.  The real purpose here is to make a more durable board.  We put rubber stripping around the edges and in high stress points to make sure you can slam the hell out of your board without the guts falling out.