Beta Test Team


Here is the gig

The guys at Prospect have a ton of ideas upcoming on snow, skis, skate, and wake. Different materials, profiles, new technologies, the fun side of R&D is endless.  While we all want to advance these awesome sports we are all passionate about, Prospect has set up a special opportunity to up the stoke of the scene and the products we build.


What is a Beta Tester

Our beta test team is made of riders who are stoked on trying new products and the tech’s they bring to the game.  Beta test riders should know how boards and skis work, what makes them function, and be able to create ideas on how to improve.  While we have a ton of interest from riders in testing these new tech’s we can’t offer this to everyone. Only a select few will be offered on a particular project so you won’t want to hesitate. If you see a project, jump on it.

What boards or skis will I be beta testing?

In our design lab our creations are only limited by imagination. However, as a company we have to make good decisions and not create potentially “slippery situations”.  Therefore we will not make you ride any “frankenstein” skis or boards. We first prototype each idea and only the best ideas make it to the beta test.  What is particularly rad is the concept of “trickle down tech”. The new ideas and materials used in the beta test boards will be for the following year’s pinnacle, top performance products and you get to test them a year in advance!

How does beta testing work?

As a beta tester, you will pitch us feedback on the products you test in both short term and long term testing. We’ll prepare you a some questions on performance, durability, looks, and finish. These will be submitted after 5 uses, 3 months, and 1 year of use. During this time any video, pictures, and quality feedback will come with serious rewards in the form of schwag, social media shout outs, and for the best beta testers a team spot may be offered!

As a beta tester, what do I need to do?

Be stoked on the sport and get out and ride! Tell people about the testing you are doing. Take some mental notes while riding and do some comparisons on other similar skis and boards. For riders looking for sponsorship, this is the path.  The friends and fellow riders who you steer towards Prospect boards and skis will get a discount and you’ll be rewarded with a package awesome schwag. The guys and gals that up the most stoke and ride hard will get the offered a spot on the team.



Prospect “E-lip carbon series” wakeboard – Closed

Prospect “Green Go” Series wakeboard – Closed



I am a rider that is sponsored by another company. Can I take part in the beta test?

Monogamy is the way to go. Unsponsored rippers only please.

If I order a board when will I receive it?

All beta test boards are made to order and usually take 2 to 3 weeks. If we need more we’ll let you know.

As a beta test rider does that mean I’m on the Prospect Team?

No, but it is the first and best step to being on the team.

So these are boards made for testing next year’s product.  What I get a board and it sucks?

We don’t send out just any old idea off the shelf. We take careful consideration to uphold a professional relationship. If you come to find out that you aren’t stoked on the board contact us and we’ll situate a return or exchange for one in our current lineup as as long as the board is in new condition.

What if my board breaks?

It will use the same 1 year warranty with C.R.R. replacement as our wake and snowboards. If you need a fix, send it to us and we’ll be glad to fix it up for free.

What are my responsibilities as a Beta Tester?

We’ll send you a survey on your feedback after short, mid, and long term use. Other than that, all you have to do is ride!

I’m stoked on Prospect. Can I beta test more than one board?

At this point we allow you to test multiple boards as long as the beta block of boards are still available.

Can I beta test a custom wakeboard?

Nope. Sorry, it’s simply waaaaaay too expensive to do an super customized board (but feel free to email us if you actually do have waaaay too much money)

How do I sign up for notifications when new beta tests come up?

Beta test signup