E-lip carbon series beta test

CARBON FIBER WAKEBOARDBeta test riders you are in for a treat. This is a chance to test our upcoming flagship model currently dubbed “the Pop Rod”



The Pop Rod is going to be our aggressive ride anywhere board for riders who want a “go big” board with durability and performance in mind. Testers should be people who ride behind the boat and in the cable park. We’ll be recruiting 5 riders to test the Pop Rod, after that enrollment is closed. This beta is open only to unsponsored riders who have access to a cable and boat and ride 3+times per week. As a beta tester, you get a pro-form discount in exchange for testing and submitting your feedback.


The pop rod uses the lighter weight e-lip flex platform with stiffening wood stringers and carbon fiber to create a stiffer board profile that will power through wakes behind the boat and will have a ton of ollie pop in the park.  The maple stringers create a solid platform that creates both longitudinal and torsional stiffness. The carbon fiber array is specifically laid out to transfer energy out from the middle of the board to the tips in ollies and when jumping off the wake. Additionally the center concentrated layout is designed to keep the rider over the board to help save you from bailing when landing in the back or front seat.  This combination transfers into a board that is 8/10 on for stiffness, and for those who like a aggressive board in their day to day riding.

The remaining components, shape, and tech of this board will include the layout of our e-lip wakeboard.


All 5 of 5 boards will be made for the selected rider from our line of shapes and sizes. When you decide to jump on we’ll send you an email confirming that your order is set. We will have your board made within 2 weeks of your order and give you some photos of production along the way so you can see how your board is made.


At this point our beta test program is only available to riders in the U.S.A. Riders should have access to cable and boat and ride at least 3+ days per week. If you are an international rider and want special consideration please contact us.


We believe the link to a combination park/boat board can be narrowed.  The trick is to crosslink important factors between the two… The stability, durability, and pressability of a park board need to meet light weight, cutable, pop for the wake.  This new technology is primed to meet that expectation.

Here are the steps if you want to be a beta tester…

1)Purchase your beta test board through paypal or call 608-513-8855 to order over the phone.

2)We’ll send you an order confirmation and a schedule of surveys to submit your feedback.

3)We make your board, deliver it, and you ride… a lot!