The Retail Shop

We are located at

4300 Anthony Ct Unit N, Rocklin Ca 95677

We can be contacted at 916-524-3235 during most business hours.


Our Retail Shop

We are 100% hard goods so you’ll find plenty of boards with the latest and greatest tech and industry materials.

Need help understanding what to buy? We’ve got the expertise to help you understand the current trends in the industry and will never sell you on gimmicky product names or make you feel inferior for not knowing whats going down in the snowboard industry.

We’ll help you understand how your board works and what goes into making it.  You’ll walk out with the confidence that you have a hand crafted snowboard that is right for you.

Our shop offers full tuning and repair service for skis, wakeboards, and snowboards.  If your ride needs a tune up, takes a core shot, or has a rail blowout get your riding like new. From race prep, to waxing, delamination, base repair, stone grinding, and edge sharpening we have all the tools to get you back out riding in no time.

The Snowboards

Our Line of snowboards use the latest specialized materials and shapes in the industry. We also have the ability to customize materials for more performance, green alternatives, and we can even put your custom artwork on the top and bottom.

Since we build the boards ourselves you can be assured that we use fair labor practices and are built by people who genuinely care about snowboarding and the boards they make.

The Factory Floor

We use a balance of man and machine in our production to build a variety shapes and sizes.  We use machines and precision cut templates to create consistent, well balanced, and durable boards that you would expect from a professional manufacturer.  The craft and finish of our boards come from experienced hands and fine finishing techniques we’ve developed to make a professional product.


What else do we offer?

The Snowboard Micro Brew – Home build kits

For the home brew snowboarder we offer hard to find materials and snowboard building kits for your home build project.  We can also give you some building advice to help you get going.

Snowboards from several indie, unique, and underground brands

Cheap boards from over production, scratch, and dent that fit anyone’s budget.

You will however not find:

The latest skate shoes, luggage, phone cases or other filler crap.  We are a 100% snow, water, and asphalt sports shop