Satisfaction Guaranteed

Love your board or your money back!

I personally guarantee your board is going to be the best board. If for any reason within your first 30 days of receiving them if you don’t love it, you can send the board back to me, and I’ll refund your total product & shipping costs, with no questions asked! If you don’t like them, send them back so I can ride it!



100% Independent, rider owned, rider engineered, and rider built

Sweat and Blood in the board and in the building process.  Labels: indie snowboard, underground, built by riders for riders. The labels have grown to be tired and the cliche.  The reality is that we’ve put work in, busted up boards, learned deep dynamics, and dedicated ourselves to making boards that live to be ridden as much as you live to ride.



Solid F*****g Product

There are 3 parts to making a solid product. Great materials, well thought out shapes, and well engineered assembly.  We use boardsport dedicated materials that are more durable and carry higher strength to weight characteristics to make a board that lives longer and rides better. While these materials are the fundamental basis for making a product that performs, we also put in riding time to make sure the shape and camber of each of our boards can produce a pro level shred. Lets not forget the craft of building a board. It takes more than passion. We’ve assembled a process that provides us with low tolerances for flaws that inhibit performance. We’ve developed our building process to rise to the call of a 100+ day rider. Our manufacturing facility also supports processes that produce less waste, uses materials that are less harmful, and reclaims materials like wood scrap for heating our building.





Reason for existence

The industry has riders stoked with lower cost product that genuinely performs much better than decades past. It is great that more riders have access to boardsports so friends and family can enjoy the experience we live for. That is great and the way it should be.  There is a problem though. Board companies (specifically meaning companies, because there are companies don’t manufacture their own product) use methods of production that use low standards for health and safety of not only the people that make the product, but also in the same way use lax methods for keeping the environment we live in suitable to ride in.  These lax methods are seriously affecting the waters we surf, the land we play on, and the air we breath.  Our reason for existence is to create boards that bring fulfillment and enjoyment in life, to make our riders feel like the board they ride adds high value in their experience, and supports a healthy lifestyle inside and out.  We get it….




Support your local ski and board builder

Know what goes into building your boards and skis, know who builds them, and be assured that we’re riders first, not salesman first. You, the rider should be informed on what is awesome, why its awesome, and how it works best. “Salesman” in stores work hard to memorize marketing buzzwords with a general idea of what it does. Get it from the guys who know best, they guys that design the technology, your local ski and board factory.



WE BUILD OUR BOARDS for awesome performance, are dedicated to give the people who ride our boards a absolutely slammin’ value, and do our part to be responsible with the health and safety for everyone who shares this planet.


Take the high road. Evolve.