Beta Test Team

 Recruiting Beta Test Riders

The guys at Prospect have come up with some bitchin ideas and this one might be at the top. We are able to offer the opportunity that no other factory is able to offer, an exclusive way for riders to develop the sport they live to do.

The Beta rider program gives dedicated snowboarders, skiers, and wakeboarders a chance to get into research and development in the action sports industry. What's even better is all you have to do is get out and ride.

Our Beta testers will get access to future product technologies, new shapes, new designs before they hit the market.

We want testers that are looking to contribute to their sport for the better, try new cutting edge ideas, and contribute feedback to up the game in the snow and water sports world.

This will be a very exclusive club in which not everyone is going be able to contribute.  The applicants will far outweigh the available positions.  For each project we will introduce different skill sets that will fit a particular purpose the board is looking to serve.  A wide variety of riders could fit the profile we are looking for. One single rider may fit the development scope of one project but not another so be sure to know what your skill set it.

We will be introducing these projects by email to people who sign up for the beta rider program.  To get into the world of Snow and water sports R&D sign up for email alerts to get notified when these opportunities arise. Drop us your name and email and we'll contact you about upcoming beta projects with the Prospect.

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