Carbon Fiber Layup on the Rat Rod Longboard

While we are in the process of building our new longboard press we've been thinking of how we can evolve the next generation of Prospect Longboards.  We noticed a lazy, no pop flex meaning a loss of power in every turn.  The wood construction works like a suspension, improving handling and a smoother ride, but it  also absorbs the energy while pumping  through turns.  The answer, our carbon fiber stringer layup.  The stringers actually are not to stiffen  the board, the flex is an important part of the longboard's ride.  Instead the stringers provide rebound, a poppy return to the boards unflexed state.  This means the board still flexes the same amount, but you don't loose energy in carving.  It is flex deck meets  pintail.  A  seriously rad combination. These longboards are available by deck only, special order until the summer of 2011.
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