Posted on by Neil Henderson

The Mustache Ride

The guys from Prospect are all about one thing, well many things, but we're stoked on making our own product. The reality of todays snowboard and skate market is that companies no longer build in house. Instead they licence factories, usually overseas, to make their product. I mean, if a company doesn't make their own products where is the pride in their brand? At the same time we've gained some valuable knowledge by collaborating with other factories so we understand the view of outsourcing, but to us in-sourcing is what makes a board company legit. After hand building a screen printing press and longboard press we are now suited to design, test, and manufacture our own longboard ideas. Our first design, a 40" freeride longboard calle the "Mustache Ride" is under development. We currently know the Mustache Ride will be a drop though deck made from bamboo and will have carbon stringers from tip to tail. We are toying with ideas to make the tip and tail bash proof with materials like Kevlar, aluminium, and rubber. We are also experimenting with camber and concave shapes to bring out ride characteristics that will make this board evolve past the current decks on the market. Check out the design and give us some facebook love by sharing it with your longboard crew.