Custom Snowboards by Prospect

We've gotten asked and asked... Can you do custom snowboards?
We've held off. Why? There was some bigger things we had to tackle.

Now, it is ready and we are building some seriously sick boards. We have access to the materials, everything is built and printed in house, and now we have an awesome new retail location that gives you full access to our snowboard factory.

We've made some changes...

Baseline prices on our line of boards is now just $399. You can then customize your snowboard by mixing and matching models with artwork, give us your own artwork, and even create your own shape for our range of cambers. You can also add materials like carbon reinforcements, different sidewalls, and faster bases. There are thousands of configurations to chose to make your custom snowboard truly individual.

Feast your eyes on our Custom Snowboard Menu...
Custom Snowboards

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