Custom Snowboards for Adrenaline Power Sports

Adrenaline Power Sports Custom Board

Adrenaline Power Sports:

Neil here, the owner of Prospect.  The 2010/2011 snowboard gear game just upped the anti with the custom collaboration line with Prospect Snowboards.  A line of 10 boards are due to print because of Prospect's new Custom Snowboard service geared toward lower volume orders that make it possible for board shops to get their hands on custom decks.  The adoption of the custom snowboard movement came from our Snowboard Co-op, where anyone can post their custom graphics with the availability for anyone to purchase.  This is a service that the big guys couldn't dream of serving up.  The best benefit so far in this new movement is that Adrenaline was able to test market these designs to their customer base before accepting final art templates.  Imagine that, the store and its customer base opinions actually make the difference.  No longer do you just have to accept what the manufacturers bring to you.

To further extend the benefit of getting a completely custom design is shape.  I've made all our shapes and sizes available for custom design.  Our Reverse Camber, our Regular Camber, RC6, and super tough flat camber Sooperpark.  We can even do one off sizes, shapes, and cambers, and with special materials, but do understand that takes a few more bucks to press the final product.

This is the second custom snowboard production we've done, the first for Horny Goat brewing Co. out of Milwaukee.  The Adrenaline lineup is based on our high performance setup consisting of Carbon X beams, Primo Wood Cores, and 19 oz. Triax Fiberglass.  We have now set up operation for both promo budget boards and boards for the high end market that Prospect already serves.  Interested in getting a design for yourself? Hit our contact page to get more info.
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