Custom Snowboards, Take Advantage of Personalizing Your Ride

Challenge yourself as a snowboard designer

If you've ever seen a board design and said, "I can do way better", man (chick) up to the challenge. The crew at Prospect takes a lot of time in our designs and we have a lot of pride what we produce. If our artwork isn't for you thts okay, our "Be the Artist Series" Brings that customization to you. You also have the option to submit your deck into the art Co-op so your friends and other snowboarders have access to get a snowboard with your design too.

Snowboard crew solidarity

Case in Point, the Tyrol Basin Park Crew will be rocking custom artwork by "Night Train" Lane Lederman. His "Lock Me Up" board is getting serious respect from the crew, so much so that other park crew guys are going to ride his board.

Express yourself on the slope

This one is obvious. Expressing individuality on the slope isn't a new concept in the snowboard culture. It is pretty awesome that we live in an age where snowboarding includes such a wide variety of riders. This will make your "Punk, Grunge, Thug" dream snowboard come true.
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