New Core Shop - Building snowboard cores

Our new snowboard core shop is the newest innovation in next generation snowboard making.   Out of all the materials the core is the fundamental piece that makes a great riding snowboard. It isn't the glass, the base, carbon fiber, or any other filler material.  The core decides size, shape, flex, stibility, durability in board construction

So what is Prospect doing to evolve our line of decks?  The single biggest evolution in this years line changes our core and sidewall from bamboo on an aspen core to an aspen/bamboo core with abs sidewalls.  In the past our bamboo sidewalls gave our decks more pop and stability.  We changed the snowboard core so that the outter most laminations are bamboo.  This gives the same great pop and stability and the ABS reduces drag along the snow.   The result?  A faster snowboard that is smoother through turns. Our use of bamboo is totally purposeful.  Bamboo is a more flexible wood than the standard core and also has 4 times the burst strength. Lets not fail to mention it is 20% lighter.  This stuff is so green and renewable it can grow over 1 foot in a day.  Being light, poppy, and green gives you the rider a great reason to ride bamboo.  And guess what... Our new ABS/Bamboo/Aspen combination now comes on all of our decks.
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