New for 2013/2014 Reinvented - the STG1 Racer, a new eco snowboard, wakeboards, and a new home.

Prospect Green-machine Prospect snowboard artBoardercross GS racerThis spring and summer may be the biggest reinvention we've done since the startup of Prospect. Moving the factory, vertical integration, new wakeboard prototypes, a printing operation, new camber profiles, a new race board, a new eco board, and lets not forget an absolutely awesome DROP IN PRICES!!!

Exciting times in the life of our snowboard company.  We've worked hard to become a totally independent brand, that hand crafts our own boards, without the influence of of minds that have nothing to do with snowboarding. Everything done in the process of making Prospect Snowboards, we have our hands, elbows, and necks fully immersed.  We are stoked to say we are moving into an upgraded space with a totally integrated process that lets us build all of our boards in house from start to finish. From printing, to pressing, to riding everything is based  from the factory.

We also took our experience and transitioned our durability in snowboards into making wakeboards.  With a little bit of homework and research on how boat hulls work we came up with a wakeboard that makes a great flex deck for cable park riding with a shape that works well behind the boat as well.  These boards will debut spring of 2014 to give us ample time to test out prototypes and make a super fun wakeboard that performs like a champ. We can't show you the goods yet, but it will be here soon.

Did we mention we are dropping our prices across the board, on all of our models? With all processes being done in house from making cores, to sublimating graphics, to pressing our decks we save a few bucks.  Why not pass the savings on to you? Previously, we sold our decks at a stellar $450 smackers and now we have prices as low as $299.  Especially our new eco board called the green ma-chine we have driven the price down as low as a totally affordable $399.  After seeing tons of other eco snowboards being more expensive, we figured why be punished for being environmentally responsible? To make this an absolutely stellar deal every Green Ma-chine will be hand crafted to order, signed and numbered from now until December 1st.

We are also introducing some new artwork from our friend Brad Jackson, an Australian adventurer, mountaineer, and photographer.  He clipped this photo on one of his expeditions and was kind enough to let us put it on our boards. A great guy and a great supporter of projects like this.

We also entered a new segment in snowboarding. Alpine racing and boardercoss have made a bit of a comeback with leagues popping up in schools and local hills everywhere. The hurdle for kids is not only buying a whole other snowboard dedicated for racing, but also the cost for racing boards easily exceeds $1000.  It is a little discouraging to riders who think they have to drop $1500 bucks to win races. That's like thinking a band in a garage will never make it big because they aren't on American Idol.  We call bullshit.  Instead, we came up with a racing board co-engineered with local race coach Brent Alderman called the STG1 that is jet fighter fast at less than half the cost of some of the boutique racing boards.  We absolutely can't wait to see our boards beating boards that are double the cost.

Everything is available to order right now with an approximate delivery time of 4 to 8 weeks!


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