Prospect Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program allows Prospect Snowboards to team up with major gear e-retailers to bring you awesome service and gear to get you out on the slope. When you buy snowboard, ski, or wakeboard gear on one of our affiliates websites we'll be glad to help you set up your gear absolutely FREE! We can help size you up, be sure your gear is compatible, and set up your gear when it arrives.  This gives you access to great prices from the best internet retailers and professional setup to ensure you have a great time on the slope. The way affiliate programs work is we have a referral links seen above. When a purchase is made through our affiliate link we'll see that the order was made. When you gear arrives, just bring it into the local showroom and we'll get you set up to ride. Affiliate Purchases from backcountry, evo, and the house can be directed through our website or purchases made at our local factory and board shop using our affiliate link. What else should I know? It is important to note that it is required that the purchase be made and recorded through our affiliate link. Purchases not made with our affiliate are not eligible to free setup. We are not an extension of or customer service for,, or Prospect Does not provide services on any returns, warranties, customer service issues, or product support. We will still be glad to offer setup and tuning services for purchases not made through our affiliate program at a great rate $15 for snowboard setup, $50 for basic ski setup.
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