Prospect Snap Free Guarantee on Wakeboards


Prospect Snap Free Guarantee is our way to show that our industry leading durability is legitimate and that our boards are a better value than others on the market. Our reputation on the scene is that our boards do not snap, and after having some serious shredders on dish punishment, we still yet have to see one snap in half.

Many of our customers come to us reporting that they go through 3 to 4 wakeboards in a year, also add the fact that park riding instantly voids the warranty with other brands. With Prospect, these same customers only need 1 board (and their board is still riding). We trust our tech, and you should too.

The "Snap Free Guarantee"

Prospect Guarantees that your wakeboard will not break or snap in half for 1 full year after the purchase date even after riding in the cable park. This is above and beyond our 1 year warranty from manufacturer defects. 


What is not included in the Snap Free Guarantee

  1. Damage caused by impact, misuse, abuse or neglect.
  2. Normal wear and tear.
  3. Cracks or splits in the topsheet due to impact.
  4. Any delamination to the top or bottom sheets due to impact.
  5. Stripped inserts due to improper mounting.
  6. Damage caused by the use of solvents, adhesives or LOC-TITE.
  7. Damage caused by impact with rocks, stumps, logs, rails, concrete, metal, or any other non-wake park object.
  8. Modification to the board such as, but not limited to, cutting or modifying the tip or tail, as well as using T-nuts.
  9. Impacted tips and corners are the result of normal wear and tear or impact. This is NOT a manufacturer’s defect and will not be covered under warranty.

We do not include snapping because of unrepaired delaminations or impacted sidewalls.

We do not cover purposely snapped or damaged boards. Only conventional riding or using the boards for its intended purpose is covered.

Prospect reserves the right to modify, cancel, or change our Snap Free Guarantee at any time.

Other limitations and exclusions.

This limited warranty applies only to Prospect Wakeboards purchased from Prospect Snow and Wake directly and is extended only to the wakeboarder’s original purchaser.

Boards purchased at a discount, or on sale are not covered by the Snap Free Guarantee. Only boards purchased at MSRP only are eligible for the snap free guarantee. Snowboards and Skis are not covered by the Snap Free guarantee

We reserve the right to inspect the broken board in person and you may need to ship your board to us. The rider is responsible for any shipping charges for replacement boards and returned boards for warranty inspection. All wakeboards must be shipped pre-paid and insured. Prospect assumes no responsibility for damages during shipment. Shipping charges are non-refundable.



I have a problem. How do I start a claim?

Start off by popping us an email to Give us a summary of what is happening with your board, and send us some pictures of what is happening. Just be honest with us here. Even if it isn't covered by our warranty or guarantee, we're bros, so we'll do everything we can to help you out.

I mangled the tips of my board from multiple impacts and sloppy riding, is this covered?

→ No. Impacted tips are not covered by either the manufacturer's warranty or the snap free guarantee because it is considered abuse and neglect outside the intended use of your board. However, we are really handy and with repairs. We will either help you with instructions for fixing your board or we may be able to fix it for you. Connect with us at if this happens. 

Q. Who pays the shipping costs for my board to get shipped to and from the Prospect Factory in Sacramento?

→ You do. Plan to pay for shipping your board back to us and for the new board shipment.


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