Prospect Snowboards Moving HQ to Sacramento California


In August, Prospect will be going through a huge phase shift by relocating the factory head quarters from Madison, Wisconsin to Sacramento, California.


In our development as a craft snowboard, wakeboard, and ski builder we have hit a placement that offers up a few options. We are making the move in part in our own reserve, but also to seek out other that carry the same mindset we do.  Sacramento and the surrounding area is unique geography in the fact that world class snow is close reach in tahoe, wakeboarding is a popular activity at the local cable parks, and surf can be enjoyed all in the same day. We also want to network with some big picture people that have ideas and need a factory like Prospect to make big things happen.


We have done a ton of work around developing relationships with new friends at Wake Island Watersports, Squaw Valley, and hope to find more friends in the snowboard, ski, and wakeboard scene. I can’t stress how important this support was in affirming the decision to move.


We will be moving away from, but not saying goodbye to some really great people here in the midwest. The list, too long to mention everyone, but I’ll say that we have come to know some people that we see as exceptional. We found selfless offerings of support that quite simply would make this small ski and board manufacturing shop impossible without such great people around us. Shops like Rich’s board sports where we started our humble root. Resorts like Devil’s head where I was able to work and publicize. The newest addiction, cable wakeboarding, we can’t thank the whole crew at West Rock Wake Park enough for the instant support when we debuted the wake line. The support of the local scene and riders is simply amazing and I’m beyond appreciative.


Now, as we get organized and “go live” with the new factory location over the next few months I want to keep relationships strong and introduce old friends to new friends. I want to offer a reason to make the extra jump over the rockies to see how great the west coast can be. (Did I mention that the Lake Tahoe area got over 700 inches of snow this last year?) I’m hoping to help cultivate the possibility of a great experience through travel and allow great people to meet great people.


I ask all that have seen Prospect grow over the past 8 years to keep in touch. Come visit to meet new people and find out why we chose California as our new playground.


More to come!

Cheers -Neil

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