Posted on by Neil Henderson

Green eco snowboard


Here is a rendering for a new model for the 2013/14 season.  Dubbed "The Green Machine", you guessed it, will be made from the greenest, most recycled, reclaimed, or domestically sourced materials available. Lets not fail to mention that it is going to be offered at a bomber price.

The first initiative is to use renewable, natural resources for as many materials as possible.  The core is locally sourced and reclaimed from a local mill that would have otherwise ended in a burn pit.  Our epoxy system is pine sap and vegetable oil based that skips out on using petroleum.  This epoxy doesn't release poisonous vapors when we work on it and it is pretty much born for making snowboards.

Our Bamboo sidewalls skip out on plastic based materials. Plastics take a huge amount of energy and produce byproduct that pollutes.  We also replaced energy hungry carbon fiber with totally renewable, super strong hemp.  This combination makes a damp and stable ride with pop to get you in the air.

Some plastics like the topsheet and base are tough to replace with bio content.  Instead, we source them domestically to cut out the carbon footprint of transporting material halfway around the world.  The tipfill, which is the same material as the base, is reclaimed from prints that didn't end up using.  Just another way we put effort into making the greenest board as possible.

Oh plan on this board being tough to find. Only available here on the website or in the shop!