The New Prospect Snowboard Factory Scheduled to Open Summer 2011

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The build process for the Prospect Snowboards Manufacturing Facility in Madison Wisconsin is underway.  We've got some stellar plans to create awesome snowboards for people who want to ride their own hand built Prospect, their own custom board, or who are interested in small/underground snowboard brands.

First off, let me say that building this factory is a major production.  A snowboard press isn't something that you can go buy.  You can't toss a search through Google and have one sent to your house.  These things are hand built and engineered.  That said we planned our factory to use 95% reclaimed materials.  We're all about beating the heat to keep the snow and by recycling what is already made to cut down on our energy, global warming, and waste footprint.

The factory build gives Prospect a huge leg up in building high quality, high performance, technologically advanced snowboards.  With us in the drivers seat we have creative control and access to changing our boards blueprint on the fly.  This is rad because it lets us give Prospect Riders access to awesome boards, a custom snowboard service, and even a build experience for the hardcore riders.

More on custom snowboards.  Why ride the same thing that is available for everyone?  For the rider who tells themselves: It would be so Fackin rad if there was a snowboard with "this type of graphic".  We've got you covered.  Our creative control allows you to change up the graphic, construction, and materials in what will become your board.  If a custom snowboard is right up your alley, ask about the "Snowboard Builders Experience" which gives you access to our factory to build your board with the aid of a pro factory builder.

Prospect snowboards will also be collaborating with small, underground snowboards brands across the U.S.  If you want something new, from a brand that comes from a core set of riders, you'll want to see what brands we're featuring.

One last thing...

If you are a Madison local, come down to Rich's Board Shop to see the progress through the summer.

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