U-Dub Camber concept

The 2011/12 season's camber concept currently dubbed "U-Dub camber" with progressively aggressive shaping.  Here's how it works:

Our U-Dub Camber is reverse in the middle and plateaus outside the bindings.  The reverse to flat camber offers increased pop over its reverse camber sibling.  The plateau created on the tip and tail offers more pop than a reverse camber and still raises edges off he ground so U-Dub Camber butters just like a reverse camber.  The flattened tip and tail increase the contact points when the board us loaded so your edges act like a rudder for stability on landings and high speed.  We've been working on making boards that will perform for all ride types because an easy to ride, buttery board, that will still grip on landings, and carves well means you only need one board for your quiver.

Also new with our 2011/12 line of U-Dub camber decks is Progressive shaping architecture.  This new design element is for riders who differentiate their shorter boards to be more aggressively shaped than longer boards.   The camber shaping is more aggressive on shorter boards for better freestyle performance while longer boards have a relaxed camber profile for high speed stability and turning.  Our progressive shaping also takes rider size into consideration.  Our aggressively shaped shorter decks are easier to maneuver for shorter riders, new riders, and core freestyle riders.  Our longer U-Dub Camber decks have a more relaxed profile that will give bigger riders a board with a flex pattern that isn't too forgiving and other riders a very smooth and stable deck for high speed turning.

U-Dub camber is currently under development, but is anticipated to be in sizes 151, 155, and 159 cm.  It will use an array of carbon stringers and kevlar dampeners which we will be introducing later this summer.

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