Wakeboards now available to order!


Prospect is stoked to bring you our new line of wakeboards to the public. We hand craft each board from constructing the cores, processing our own artwork, and pressing our boards in house at our factory here in the USA. All of our Prospect Wakeboard use our bullet proof "Bazooka" construction that brings super durable sidewall construction adopted from our snowboard construction. This hasn't been seen in the wakeboard industry and is a tech that we developed in house and is totally exclusive to our boards.

Available specially for our wake product Launch we are offering $50 off our new line of 2014 wakeboards and free shipping within the continental U.S.!

Use coupon code "launch" during checkout

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Each of our boards come with our BAZOOKA GUM WALL technology, SINTERED UMHWPE ultra tough snowboard base, and full poplar POP CORE.

  • The Bazooka gumwall is a super tough and impact resistant rubber sidewall that is made from the same material as skate wheels. This acts as a super tough barrier to waterproof the wood core and also dampens the ride to cut through chop.
  • The Sintered UMHWPE base is the same material used on our snowboards. It slides easily over pretty much any surface you encounter in the park  and winch session.
  • The full poplar Pop Core is our secret to a board that launches with pop and cushions harsh landings with the suspension power of wood.

The E-LIP ROCKER profile is another technology that we developed in house with Purpose. Again it is exclusive to our line of boards.

  • The E-lip Rocker shape uses an elliptical shape that kicks up faster as it approaches the tip and tail. It is a fast, shallow riding mid section, a smoother rocker transition, and tips that pop up on the wake. It is the best of both continuous and staged rocker worlds.
  • The Pivot points under each foot are what give that upward pop on jumps and also create and make it easier to press on rails in the park.
  • The rocker profile is available in 3 flex options: A super easy flex to tear up the park found in the e-lip flex, the normal stiffness found in the E-lip, and an awesome all around flex made just for the ladies in the Elip Chick.

An important note, at this stage our stock is limited due to huge demand for our boards. On the upside, your board order will indeed be hand crafted and fresh pressed. We do however need a bit of time to make your board. Some resins take a week to completely cure and a fresh core takes a few days as well.  We do have stock of some boards which will be sent out right away. Boards that we need to make to order don't cost any extra, but give us 3 weeks to deliver. We will be in contact with you after your order with additional details.



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