Depth Seeker Powder Pro
The Depth Seeker is the adventurer's sidekick. The shaping and camber profile are designed around the advanced terrain of the Legendary lines at Squaw Valley. This will charge big lines of the Palisades open powder fields off KT-22, and the...
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👍 Unreal - Tahoe or Bust👍
The Unreal Tahoe or bust is another unheard of concept using ideas from the 100+ Day park kid and the 1 day park kid. Skip the hype and kook douche technology. Seasoned park rat and beginners alike want 1 thing a simple low...
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ΩUnreal CollectionΩ
The Unreal collection is of extraterrestrial nature using ideas that are from another dimension in a parallel reality. The shaping and camber profile make this the preferred vehicle to navigate any martian landscape from feature rich urban space stations to...
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Powder Twin
Purpose The Powder Twin is designed specifically to max out the mountain. For those who are into bonking, jibbing, and jumping everything through the backcountry, this board is for you. As a centered stance twinish board the powder twin is ridable...
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Snowboard Building Kits
Includes Core, fiberglass, inserts, UHMWPE sidewall, tip fill, edges, VDS foil, base material, and topsheet. You can get an unshaped kit or shaped to one of our sizes. Everything you need to pop a board in the press, just add...
from $224.99
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