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Blackbeard, one of the most notorious pirates rampaged and plundered everything he came across. This terrifying pirate, he was dubbed "El Gran Diablo" for his intimidating skill for piracy. Blackbeard's collection of wakeboards was created to pilot the water with imposing style and take over every ship with dominance.



Blackbeard's collection is created to be unfiltered, raw, and unapologetic. We wanted the rider to be their own Blackbeard, plundering all obstacles in the park with force.  A series of images are available for the top graphic of your choice on a matte topsheet that is raw as the legend himself.


We've made the Blackbeard your chance to plunder Prospect. We've engineered this to be an absolute premium packaged board, with bomber materials, for a super affordable price. You are practically stealing this board from us!


Any seadog that has his sea legs knows that Prospect is bringing the most durable, progressive boards to the wake armada. Our best directional (yet awesome riding switch) carries huge pop and allows for flex between the feet. This is a totally unique feel that you'd be 3 sheets to the wind to say this board isn't the best you've ever ridden.

  • BAMBOOYA CORE -  the full bamboo core is reactive, poppy, and the best driftwood in the industry.
  • 3 STAGE ROCKER - A skate style ollie that leave you hanging the jib.
  • Flat Matte Topsheet-  This topsheet is raw and unpolished unlike the wench's poop deck.. 
  • SET IT BACK - It is a twin, but set back your stance for a surfier turn.
  • FREEBASE TECH minimizes base wear with a flat section through the spine and pitched up rails are catch-free on rails and make cutting turns easier.
  • Light weight Bomb proof 19oz triax glass - comes with our Snap free guarantee!
  • 007 Bonding Agent kills edge blowout
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