2021 - Pick Your Line Wakeboard
The 2021 Pick Your Line Wakeboard gives you a choice in the way you like to ride. Offering 3 shapes, in 4 sizes each, and 4 options for reinforcement material to make it your own custom stick.   Each board is...
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Team Pro
The Team Pro is for the riders that live for cable and street riding. For 100+ day rider that wants a board that will ride and last, this is your stick, plus some. Our wood core, UHMWPE slider base, and full...
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Totally Totem LIMITED PRODUCTION of 10
This is an ultra limited run of 10 Boards. Each is signed, numbered, and comes with a sticker pack.  The Totally Totem is a multidimensional, new vision of the best ideas and technology coming from Prospect.  The artwork, materials, and...
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Cable Tramp - Limited production of 25
Due to all the topsheet options, we can't set up the choice on the website. We will update all the available artworks as these boards sell. When ordering, check out with the size you want and send us your topsheet...
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Platinum Ply
The Platinum  Ply is most advanced, artisan, technical, limited line of boards that have come out of the Prospect Factory. Our top of the line all around board is stiff enough for boat riding while having feel for the cable....
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Global Traveler SALE!
Sometimes it’s about the journey. The ALL NEW Prospect Global Traveler is about opening the mind and experiencing the next step of consciousness. It is taking the adventure to some island far away meeting people with like minds that rip. The...
$549.99 $349.99
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DIY Shaper board SALE!
  Ever dream of shaping your own board? Why be limited to the same shapes the industry offers? The Prospect DIY Shaper kit is a fully pressed, unshaped blank that can be cut out to any shape up to 150cm long...
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Wakeboard and Kiteboard Building Kits
  Wakeboard build Build Kits Includes Core, fiberglass, UHMWPE sidewall, base material, and topsheet. Everything engineered and shaped to one of our sizes. Everything you need to pop a Wakeboard or Kiteboard in the press, just add epoxy. This kit...
from $299.99
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