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This is an ultra limited run of 15 Boards. Each is signed, numbered, and comes with a sticker pack. 
The more techy, artistic brother to the Bambooya. Our ethos is to be able to build production style boards in limited batches, done in a way that creates a unique graphic on each individual board. The Hovercraft uses a resin dye technique that produces unique color patterns on each board. Additionally, we also added materials to up the performance of this directional surf shape with 4 carbon fiber stringers to stiffen the midsection of this board. The end result is a more aggressive flex that pops off a boat wake, yet presses in the park.


The Hovercraft uses a resin tinting layup technique used by builders in the underground surfing scene. Each board can have different color variations and pattern laid in such a way that no 2 boars are alike. This is particularly special for wakeboards because non of the mainstream companies will ever be able to use this technique because of production efficiencies.  We've taken this artisan technique and brought it to our wakeboards.  This is a super limited production run of 15 boards. Each board is numbered and signed. Once they are gone they will never be offered again.


This board is indeed a Hovercraft. Similar in materials to our Bambooya except we have thinned the core and added a Basalt stringer through the middle of the board. This offers a lighter weight profile with a stiffer mid-body for pop on jumps and cushioned landings.  


Taking the new shape from the BambooYa mixed with a 3 stage profile is skate mixed with surf. Surfy slashes and skate like ollies. The kicked up tips make presses super steezy and you won't bury the nose. The Hovercraft is the board everyone will be asking about. 

The pictures depicted of these boards are concepts of what the artwork will look like. Actual colors and patterns will differ on every board.
  • Hovercraft CORE -  thinner profile bamboo core is low weight, reactive, poppy, and durable.
  • Basalt Magma Pop - A material sourced from volcanic rock that is more durable than carbon and lighter than glass. This stuff literally rocks.
  • SET IT BACK - Set back your stance for a surfier turn.
  • FREEBASE TECH minimizes base wear with a flat section through the spine and pitched up rails are catch-free on rails and make cutting turns easier.
  • A new revamped wood core uses ultra durable bamboo that is optimized for pop and a smooth feel.
  • New Lighter Bomb proof 19oz triax glass
  • 007 Bonding Agent kills edge blowout

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