Prospect Snow and Wake specialize in manufacturing Skis, Snowboards, and Wakeboards for promotional use. Our skis and boards are authentic, full graphics, professionally made items that pop. Let's be clear, this is not just some sticker. We use professional graphics processing to private label your own brand of ski or board. 
 Since we make our own Boards at our factory in Sacramento, California we have systems in place to offer fast lead times, lower prices, more performance, or whatever helps you build a successful marketing campaign. Your promotional ski and boards are made right alongside the Prospect brand skis and boards with the same attention to detail, professional quality, and current industry trends. We strongly believe that we make a premium product that the end user is more likely to actually use rather than just throw in a closet.

We can make you 1 or 1000 units and we have strategies to help you make it happen. Connect with us and let's make something rad. 

Promotional Skis, Snowboards, Wakeboards

Fill out the information below and we'll send you our design guide and pricing information on our custom Skis and Snowboards.

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