2021 - Pick Your Line Wakeboard


The 2021 Pick Your Line Wakeboard gives you a choice in the way you like to ride. Offering 3 shapes, in 4 sizes each, and 4 options for reinforcement material to make it your own custom stick.


Each board is made to order at our Microbrew boardshop in California and can be picked up or shipped to your door. All other orders please allow 2 to 3 weeks for shipment.

Choose your Ollie Pop Reinforcement...

The Pick Your Line series uses a different materials to reinforce the middle of the board to choose from. These are our signature way of making a poppy and pressable board.

Walnut wood Veneer - Nature's art, woodgrains look amazing and purposefully add powerful pop and dampening to the middle of the board. A great option if your home smells of rich mahogany and leather bound books.

Carbon Fiber - Immensely stiff, powerful and lightweight. You won't have to explain to your buddies why it is cool because "it's on like Lambo's 'n shit."

Flax Weave - Flax a natural plant based additive that carries tons of pop and smooth forgiving flex. This renewable source material is way less environmentally harsh than carbon fiber and pairs well with a Microbrew and an acoustic guitar. 

Tie Dye - Tie Dye Lives by no rules. Pick a few colors and you get a real, one off custom in hand. If you order this option, email us at tell us what colors you want and we'll make it happen! contact@prtahoe.com

The Shapes...

Directional - The directional carries a surfy fish style feel. With plenty of surface area to keep to keep you on top of the water it is easy to ollie and stable on features. The flexible tips butter up your presses. But relax, it still totally rides like a twin, switch and all.

Classic Twin - The long lasting, tested, and evolved shape that dates back to the beginning. Perfectly light weight, predictable flex, intuitive pop. This platform has earned high ratings amongst riders and you can bet you'll enjoy it.

New School Twin - For those who charge fast into features and want a light, agile board, the New School Twin is for you. Our narrowest board, is designed to cut hard into features with refined control.


What else goes into the Pick Your Line?

Park 3 Stage - Our 3 stage rocker has been tested and developed to have a skate like ride. Quick aggressive pops out of the water give you more time to setup your approach and lock you in the rail with more predictability. 

Bomb proof core - Domestically sourced poplar and maple laminate is our exclusive core setup. Derived from our snowboards it offers amazing flex and the durability is unmatched. These cores will not snap, GUARANTEED.

Park Flex - All Prospect wakeboards are performance designed and tested for the cable park. Our flex profile offers a powerful ride with a smooth flexing tip for maximum steeze.

Snowboard Grind Base - UHMWPE base material is the toughest of any base material used. Wax is a natural material in UHMWPE so it keeps sliding even after scuffs and scrapes.

Made in Cali USA - Prospect is at this point the one and only published wakeboard brand that is independently made, in house, in the United states. Why is that special? If a company outsources their main product then it is arguable that they are not the best at making their product. If they can't make their best boards then are they the best?

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2021 - Pick Your Line Wakeboard