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Surf and side hits. Our newest directional shape is progressive to bring a new style of riding to the cable park. Shaped for tight S bend surf turns, powerful pop like a snowboard, and still a great quality ride to be a daily driver for the cable park. The Bambooya seeks and destroys side hits like a bullet.  

  • Continuous rocker - rides shalow through the water for a higher speed. Pops out of the water by loading the tail, and presses easy. 
  • BAMBOOYA CORE -  the full bamboo core is reactive, poppy, and durable.
  • GO YUGE - Ride 3-5 cm longer than your usual shape because it feels smaller underfoot. Enjoy a the more naturual lock in on rails.
  • SET IT BACK - Set back your stance for a surfier turn.
  • FREEBASE TECH minimizes base wear with a flat section through the spine and pitched up rails are catch-free on rails and make cutting turns easier.
  • A new revamped wood core uses ultra durable bamboo that is optimized for pop and a smooth feel.
  • New Lighter Bomb proof 19oz triax glass
  • 007 Bonding Agent kills edge blowout

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