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  • Domestic and responsibly sourced materials
    • Hand crafted, designed, and manufactured in Madison, WI
    • Wisconsin sourced poplar wood core with Wisconsin Maple Stringer
    • Ohio sourced slide base and sidewall
    • Responsibly sourced Basalt Fiber imported from Germany
    • Premium ISO8210 transparent gloss topsheet from Austria
    • Low VOC epoxy resin out of Colorado
    • Paints manufactured in Kansas
  • 3 stage elliptical rocker for great pop and smooth butterability
  • Full Pop 2.0 Core
    • High strength, low weight poplar provides a great pop and flex while super tough maple makes a stable ride and creates a hardened durability under foot and in the sidewalls.
  • Carbon Reinforced Array
    • Carbon is laid in
  • Super Durable Snowboard Construction
    • A wakeboard made like a snowboard using materials that are created to perform in extreme, harsh environments, take bigger hits, and last through punishment.
  • Eco Construction
    • Prospect's Eco construction isn't just an alternative, it is performance driven with Purpose. From U.S. Sourced tank tough UMHWPE sidewalls to create a super strong Monocoque frame, to using natural materials like hemp to create pop and stability.

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