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Snowboard Building Kits


We need to be upfront with these kits. Ski and Board Building is an extensively involved activity with many variables that could lead to success or failure. It is imperative that you understand the basics of building before you purchase. Because of the extent of variables, we cannot be your source for instruction on how to build your skis or boards. The best resources for this are and the facebook group Snowboard builders. We do however offer help and service related to our kits. We do not offer refunds or replacements if your skis or boards were not pressed successfully. Please understand, come prepared.


We have set up 2 build profiles for our build kits. Each kit includes all the necessary parts to create our "ready to press kit". All kits are built to order and are sent for delivery in 10-14 business days after your order.  Because these kits are custom to your order, ALL SALES ARE FINAL after we ship them to you.

The Hobby Build - 

  • Domestic wood core full Poplar wood core
  • enough VDS foil to cover the edge layer
  • IsoSport 2k Base material
  • Isosport White PBT coex topsheet

The Pro Build - 

  • Bamboo or Poplar Maple wood core
  • enough VDS to cover 3 layers (edge, above and below sidewall)
  • Crown 4k Base material,
  • Clear PET topsheet,
  • enough carbon tow to make 2 full length stringers.

Also Includes:

  • NEW!!!! We supply you with a printable mold template for your size
  • Core - See options available above
  • fiberglass - Vectorply 22 oz triax 
  • Attached UHMWPE sidewall (Crown Plastics)
  • tip fill
  • edges
  • VDS foil - See above
  • base material - IsoSport 2K or Crown 4k See above
  • topsheet IsoSport White PBT or Clear PET
  • You can get an unshaped kit or shaped to one of our sizes.

 Everything you need to pop a board in the press, just add epoxy. This kit basically comes as you see here, "ready to press". Minimal tools needed, assembled by a practiced assembler, and with all the parts needed.

You pick the size, we shape it and attach the edges, drill and attach the inserts, align the core, profile and attach the sidewalls, cut tipfill.

What you'll need: -Hot glue to attach the tip fill, the epoxy, and the vacuum/press setup.

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