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Do you work at a resort, work at a shop, or work for a brand in the winter or wake industry? you may qualify for pro form pricing. This is an industry discount from bros sniffing rental boots to shop kids that know mainstream brands are meh, and warehouse slayers at the online brands. How? Connect with us.

 What you'll need (1 of these):

  • Scan us your last paystub showing the company you work for. Feel free to blank your top dog salary of $7 bucks and hour.
  •  Or, a pic of your work ID badge showing you are the master french fry chef.
  • Or, a business card that shows who you work for and your general job info (rail fluffer).
  • Email that to
  • We'll get back to you with a purchase info so your mom can buy you a new stick.
  • We make these to order so plan on 14-21 days for delivery.

So Whats this board all about?

This is our bang for the buck setup. Built so that we can save you money so you can afford drugs and booze with nominal resort pay. These boards are created from our normal board lineup, using upgraded materials, with artwork done in a way that we can slam these out easy to save you skrilla. 

Board bio:

  • You pick your shape and size: Powder, All Mountain, or Freestyle twin
  • Camber dominate with early rise tips
  • Crown 4k sintered base
  • UHMWPE sidewalls
  • Bamboo core that has pop, flex, and durability
  • 10 pack of inserts under each foot

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